Sometimes it really is all about the lunch


Spent the morning in the City, first at the eye doctor’s and then with Joseph, the magician who cuts my hair. Getting from Point A to Point B required a bit of cross-city canvassing and two separate parking garages. Happily garage number two (Fifth and Mission) is across from a place I’d never seen before: ‘wichcraft. The glass front paired with spare green/black type logo immediately caught my eye and drew me in.

Smooth tables and comfy chairs filled the space in a pleasing way that left room to breath. A selection of “cool” and “warm” sandwiches greeted me. My eyes traveled over all kinds of delicious-sounding combinations, many of them vegetarian. But it was the pulled pork + jalapenos + red cabbage + mustard that called my name. I ordered to go, wishing I could have stayed awhile. Maybe had a glass of wine with my sandwich and then a homemade ice cream sandwich. Two men at the bar looked to be having the perfect lunch of pale ale and soup, all while black and white cartoons from decades ago played silently behind the counter.

I waited to open my to go bag until I arrived home. The pork was still warm, married perfectly with the fixings and the small bag of salty potato chips the ‘wichcraft folks included. Now that’s lunch!


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