That’s the number of e-mails I’ve sent in the last two years. I just happened to notice the number today as I retrieved something from the “sent” file. 19,500. That seems so big. Hard to imagine I had that much to say, that many times.

Speaking of having things to say, did you know that it’s NaBloPoMo? That’s the National Blog Posting Month challenge where bloggers post every day of November. It was inspired by the National Novel Writing Month where, you guessed it, ambitious writers pen a novel in the month of November. They go for 60,000 words. Bloggers have it easier with just a post a day; no word count to track.

I thought about it, I really did. But there was too much chance that I’d tell you what I ate for lunch every day. And that, well, that really isn’t sparkly like a holiday. So I think I’ll send some more e-mail. Happy Tuesday!


One Response to “19,500”

  1. sagecohen Says:

    Sounds like bloggers are sharing the challenge with novel writers to get something on the page in November. Interesting how we collectively need these challenges to get our butts in gear sometimes!

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