Busy elves

The holiday elves have been going full steam around these parts with many projects begun and many more being dreamed up daily. They got so busy, in fact, that they forgot to write. They get like that sometimes, a bit fickle you know. They’ve done some good work though …

:: hand-sewn yo-yos to adorn presents ::


:: little sprinkles of holiday cheer here and there ::


The frame above usually holds another photo. The elves decided to replace the photo with some cute holiday postcards for a fast, easy and cheap new look!

:: a bed of white cyclamen to dress up the garden ::


Disclaimer: The chief elf here had nothing to do with the garden. While she’s good at many home arts, she can’t garden for the life of her. Luckily, she found a garden elf through her friend Maurine, and now the garden is getting decked out for the holidays too.

Next up …

:: more yo-yos

:: pinecones spray-painted silver

:: garland for the porch railings

:: button trees

:: Victorian paper cone advent “calendar”

:: a few hand-sewn gifts

The little elf has her own list of projects underway. And then there’s the elf wish list of grand-scale craft plans that may be just a tad to big to tackle at once. But you know the elves will try!


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