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I have two fabulous sisters; Beans who is two years younger and Belle who is nearly eight years younger. (yes, those are nicknames!) Growing up, Beans and I were in constant battle with Belle often the prize (as in, “she likes me better.” “No she does not, she likes me best.” “You’re mean.” “Well, you smell.” “I know, let’s teach Belle how to say “sh” … “it”.). Now Beans saves lives, keeps K in new books and treats, and proffers handy advice, “Did you know they make detangler spray so you don’t have to yank the knots out of K’s long hair?” Love that detangler!

Belle saves companies – financially that is. She’s one of those wizards that deftly uses “heretofors” and “such thats” to merge the little guys and big guys. A world traveler, she also has a wicked sense of humor. Let me show you what I mean with this post from my baby sister …

On Storm Windows, Window Units and Showerheads

(a/k/a, Tales of the Single Girl)

As anyone who knows me well can attest, I am not very handy. I mean, sure, I can screw in a light bulb and sometimes hang a picture up straight but, beyond that, we’re really going into uncharted territory.

For example, the shower. About a year and a half ago I noticed that my shower wasn’t working so well. It was almost like I was losing water pressure and the only way to get more than a drip-drop shower was to use the shower wand-thing, which one of my house guests equated to “being showered down like a circus animal.” Quick consultation with Dad suggested it was probably something in the pipes which, of course, would likely require breaking into the tile and replacing pipes and, after that, replacing the tile.

Yeah…right… I’d rather play circus animal, thank you very much.

Now setting aside the circus act, this lack of handy-ness wasn’t much of a problem until my days as a single girl in Chicago because in Chicago they have this thing called “winter.” Now, I know what you’re thinking, everyone has winter. Well, yes, but Chicago has additional complications. First up, there’s the storm window. As I best understand the technology, the idea is that during the winter you pull down these two panes of glass so you can trap the warm air in between them. Well, I can’t work em. Between the screens, the glass panes, etc. it just isn’t happening.

Now the storm window problem is further complicated by the window air conditioning unit problem. Every spring, right when it begins to get warm, those of us poor souls in Chicago w/o central air prop 60 lb+ air conditioning units in our windows with nothing to hold them in place other than a couple of pieces of wood and the window pane itself. Now in and of itself, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen, but combine that with not having a big strapping man around to help put the unit in its designated place (get your minds out of the gutter if you please), this can be quite a challenge. So, I do what any other reasonable single girl would do, I just keep the window units in place all winter long. And yes, come January, -5 degree breezes blow their way through the vents into my kitchen, but hey, it’s not like I actually cook.

Well, this year, I decided enough was enough. Upon receipt of a piece random junk mail promising to solve all of my “home maintenance and repair needs” I decided it was time to call Mr. Handyman. So, today, within 23 minutes of his arrival, Mr. Handyman not only put the window unit in storage and pulled down the storm windows, but he fixed my shower. Apparently, there wasn’t a problem with the pipes, the shower head simply needed cleaning. 23 minutes was all it took to get a warm apartment and a shower that works.

Hmmm, maybe I don’t need a big strapping man around after all.


Isn’t she just the best?! Can’t wait for the next guest post!


2 Responses to “Guest blogger”

  1. sagecohen Says:

    What a great idea: a guest post! I know all too well the immense joy and immediate relief the handyman can bring to a woman whose specialization strays a bit beyond home repair!

  2. suzie davidson Says:

    i loved this one..
    cousin suzie

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