Roses + Radishes

A minute ago it was summer. Now Thanksgiving has passed and the leftovers happily enjoyed. All of which means we’re that much closer to December celebrations, and the season where time seems to be stuck on fast-foward. I love all the ideas Ali has been posting about Christmas projects, not trying to do everything and making lists of old traditions and new ones to start.

Doing what is joyful and that which will bring joy to others is the key to a relaxed and happy holiday season. We don’t really have to be frantic or spend more than we should, do we? Craft paper and twine makes gorgeous wrapping and can be found at the local drugstore, sparing a trip to the crowded mall. A remnant from the fabric store becomes a beautiful backdrop to a holiday table — you can sew a hem but you can also do a “tape” hem or use pinking shears for a “finished” edge. Painter’s drop clothes from the hardware store also make a great base for layering. The grocery store plus garden is my favorite source for centerpieces. It all comes together like this:


For our Thanksgiving table, I found a beautiful, texture-rich piece of fabric. I ran out of time to sew the hem and the selvage edge looked great, so I just left it alone. Roses + radishes + cranberries came together in several small arrangements for the table and sideboard. Fast, easy, inexpensive and, most of all, fun!


Note of caution: as I found out this morning, the radishes turn fast and the smell can knock you sideways. Next time, I’ll use just the cranberries or crab apples. Piles of cranberries in compotes or small vases paired with white votive candles would also make a gorgeous centerpiece.

Up next … more slow holiday tips!


One Response to “Roses + Radishes”

  1. The Writer Mama Says:

    I love the white roses and cranberries idea!

    Thanks for sharing!

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