It’s in the genes

I am very particular about the way I put my lights on the Christmas tree. It’s a rather time consuming, patience testing, talking-to-myself process. My ex says it was always 4 hours of annual entertainment … for him! Yes, 4 hours. Sometimes more. You see, I put on a lot of lights … 1,200 the year K was 2 … took me 3 days. And I have a thing about the wires showing. Nope, not on my tree. So a lot of twisting and twining ensues.

This year I decided to go faux. In my head, it made sense. Get a realistic-looking, pre-lit tree. It will save oodles of time and, since I’m not the one who put on the lights, it will be OK if the wires aren’t perfect. Plus I had the idea that it was the better environmental choice.

Big mistake. Big. The tree was so obviously fake. (Note to self: duh!) Not even the smallest attempt had been made to hide the light sockets. And even worse was the smell. The thing smelled like cheap plastic dipped in some petroleum by-product. Add the heat of the lights and it reeked. It was all rather depressing.

After 2 days of sitting on the fence, I dismantled the dang thing, stuffed it back in the box and arranged for it to go back from whence it came.

On Saturday, we went out to choose fresh trees. Yup, I did say trees. One for K’s room and the main tree. Ah, the smell of fresh evergreen. The lights went on perfectly and fast (3 hours tops). And you want to know why? It looks like K has the light-putting-on gene:


As I was testing light strands, she jumped right it. After all the lights were on, she went back and tucked all visible wires. That’s my girl!



3 Responses to “It’s in the genes”

  1. Lauri Says:

    You’ve got to be the coolest mom ever, letting Katie have a tree in her room! Between that and the advent calendar, she is going to have the most outstanding Christmas memories!

  2. The Writer Mama Says:

    I tried this once and I’ll never go back. But you, as the tree light expert, be the judge. I grew up in a home where the lights were done in the round and round way. So naturally, I always did mine that way. Natch, right?

    Well, some wise person suggested to me, I think it was about two years ago, stringing the lights from top to bottom instead of round and round.

    Radical, right? I know! So I had to try it.

    The first year, not so good, but good enough, I let it go. The next year I did it this way only added more lights and…success! It looked exactly just as good and in a fraction of the time.

    Why am I telling you this? I should have sent it in to a magazine!

  3. sagecohen Says:

    Two lighting experts in one family, at Christmas time…That’s some exponential sparkly-like-a-holiday action going on!!

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