Miss Crankypants

Lest you think I am always full of sparkles, I’m here to dispel the myth. The day started off on the wrong foot with miz K full of attitude. The “whatever” with eye roll did me in. I got mad. And immediately wanted to take away all treats, all fun, maybe even cancel Christmas. Desperately reaching for my inner Audrey Hepburn, I kept my mouth mostly shut but not before telling my offspring what’s what.

Solemn drop-off at school. We’re both mad and sad.

Back in front of the computer, I start to feel badly. For being mean. But that makes me mad because I think, “but she is so lucky to have this, that and the next thing … bratty behavior is uncalled for …” which is quickly followed by the realization that I’m the one who gives her this, that and the other thing, so I’m the one — at least in large part — who has created this situation that is making me so mad. Sigh. Sigh again. Resolve to say no more often but in a patient and kind way. To set-up a schedule that ensures we aren’t in a morning rush. To lead by example.

It’s going to be a day of sighs and glaring at the computer. Time to get out the sparkle reinforcements …



3 Responses to “Miss Crankypants”

  1. miss paper doll Says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only crab on the crabtree! Been having parrallel moments with my own little ones…thanks for making me feel normal!

  2. Martha Says:

    Wow — your numerous Christmas CDs should cover just about any holiday issue–including crankiness! I thought I had a lot of Christmas CDs with The Glorious Sound of Christmas (orchestral, choir–old family favorite), Charlie Brown, Nutcracker (full recording), Christmas Favorites (popular recordings). That’s only 4 CDs, 5 if you count the Nutcracker as 2!

  3. The Writer Mama Says:

    I’ll tell you about my “roar” secret. One time when S. was little she was doing something in her carseat that pushed me over the edge. I don’t even remember what, this was a while ago.

    I could feel my anger bubbling up and it was just about to come out my mouth when…I decided to roar instead.

    So I tipped my head back and roared like a lion…and immediately felt better. Of course, Samantha stopped in her tracks and asked, “What was that?”

    I said, “That’s a roar and that means mommy feels angry.”

    Then I said to my husband, who was also frustrated, “Daddy, can you roar?”

    He can actually roar so loud it shakes the car.

    Then I asked, “Samantha, can you roar?”

    She did her roar. (It was like a kitten in comparison.)

    We did a few more rounds. A ritual was born.

    Now instead of exploding in the car when my dear daughter is driving me batty (as she does sometimes) I just roar. And then the roar rounds commence.

    And we all feel better afterwards. Usually can’t even remember what we were made about.

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