Time to refresh

It happened again … a week slipped by in a blink. There is, at the same time, a lot going on and not much to report. Still, I can’t keep the Miss Crankypants post front and center for one more day. So, shall I tell you about beanbags?

Beanbags are the central ingredient to one of my favorite children’s party games. You can toss them in baskets, play hot potato with them or set up complicated targets — all depending on age range.

This set saw action last Saturday at a party for a dozen or so of the 3 and under set:


They were simple to make … 6 inch squares of fabric, sewn and then turned, filled and then blind-stitched closed. I was hoping to skip the hand-sewing step by running a zigzag stitch around the filled bags but Mabel (my sewing machine) was having none of that. She apparently decided that there were too many layers to create a smooth zig-zag.

So just an hour before I had to leave, I found my self hand-sewing the bean bags shut, hoping that the stitch would hold. I figured split peas scattering everywhere were just about the last thing we needed! Note: I used split peas instead of beans because they’re smaller and create a more satisfying bean bag experience. I bet you’re wondering how you’ve lived until now without that bit of helpful knowledge.

Happily, the bean bags stayed in tact through much enthusiastic play. We had so much fun trying them out at home that K has ordered another set, and has already picked out the fabric.

Should you not want to sew your own bean bags, I’ve heard tell that they sell them already made. Or you can use this semi-homemade idea from my friend Donna: fill pre-made muslin drawstring bags with peas/beans, tie and go!


One Response to “Time to refresh”

  1. Lauri Says:

    Another exceptional beanbag game (although with what is, perhaps, the world’s worst name): corn hole. Do you know it? It requires basic construction skills making two ramps out of plywood. The incline on each ramp has a hole, about 6″ wide. The ramps are placed 20 or 30 feet from each other. Two teams compete to see who can toss the most bags into the hole on the other team’s ramp. I believe that unfortunate name results from the fact that the bean bags are actually filled with dried corn. It’s surprisingly fun and good for picnics (although fitting the ramps in Daisy could be problematic. Maybe a roof rack?).

    I’m glad Ms. Crankypants has been retired and I hope she doesn’t come out of retirement until after all the Christmas and Birthday fun. But, if she does, remember to be nice to yourself. You’re a hell of a mama.

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