Multi. Task.


Here I sit, cutting out strips of fabrics for 20 first-graders to fashion into scarves for snowmen while thinking through how to turn a standard sales presentation into a hip advertorial. Bits and pieces of other projects — both craft and client — hover nearby.

In a season of multi-tasking, this is the biggest week of all. The run-up to Christmas when time speeds up and you hear folks on the street express surprise that the big day is right around the corner. Gasp! Gulp! The adrenaline kicks in and the temptation to rush, rush, rush is strong.

These are the times that I’m happy there’s Plan B. I like Plan B. Plan B is understanding. Plan B knows that not all plans can be As and is very kind in helping the planner embrace the B. Beautiful things can come when Plan A gives way to B.

Take, for example, the snappy client gifts I planned this year, which required various parts (I know some of you read this blog so I have to be vague!). One part, ordered weeks ago, never arrived. Customer service wouldn’t return calls. I had no choice but to come up with Plan B … as it was I’d left shipping to the last possible moment. With a little helper by my side, Plan B was executed over the weekend; boxes shipped today. Just 30 minutes after returning from FedEx, guess what arrived? Yup, the missing part for Plan A. But you know what, I like Plan B even better.

So I’ve decided not to rush or worry. I’ll go to Plan B (or C or D … heck, I can go all the way to Z if need be) and enjoy this festive week. And maybe, just maybe, time will slow down a little.


2 Responses to “Multi. Task.”

  1. sagecohen Says:

    Yet more wisdom. I’m putting this on my bulletin board: Plan B know that not all plans can be As…


  2. miss paper doll Says:

    As you know I am a big fan of Plan Z:) It happens to be the story of my life most days. You definitely rock socks!

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