Me & the button tree

One of the things I love most about blogland is the wealth of creativity and tips — everything from easy ways to miter corners to packaging ideas. I find myself endlessly inspired and antsy to try new projects. And so begins the tale of how I found myself making a button tree. Yes, a tree made of buttons.

It began innocently enough. The supply list was temptingly short: tree-shaped styrofoam, buttons, pins. Check. I decided to alter the idea from the get-go by spray-painting the styrofoam silver. I figured it would be ever so much better to have silver sparkles peaking out through any small gaps. Excellent.

Then I set to work. Ah, very relaxing. Until this point:


At this point, you need to tap your inner engineer to solve many a spatial problem. What started as a speedy quick, relaxing project turned into a painstakingly intense challenge. I wondered, how many pins can one small styrofoam cone take? Turns out, hundreds.

I was not about to give up but I told anyone who would listen that I would not be making a forest of these anytime soon.


Pinning the last button in place was indeed a happy moment.


The finished product is rather pleasing (and not blury in real life!). And the silver spray-paint was a brilliant touch, I must say. This little cutie is going off to a friend who loves pink. And you know, I just might make a few more. Success has transformed my momentum into a desire to repeat (last sentence courtesy of Sage)!


2 Responses to “Me & the button tree”

  1. sagecohen Says:

    You are the Maven of Momentum, my friend! This is just glorious! Almost as sparkly as you are!

  2. Still with the buttons « Says:

    […] first 2008 Valentine decoration. This project was less of a spatial challenge than the button tree, and comes with the heady smell of hot glue … there’s nothing like it! These are so […]

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