Wrap happy

Good packaging makes me giddy so I guess it’s no wonder that I love to wrap presents. Love, love, love it.


This year, I’m using white butcher paper from Ikea … the kind that comes in a big role and is used most often for kid art. I love using “non-wrap” for wrap … and you can’t beat the price. The crisp white is adorned with brown ric-rac + the fabric yo-yos make a few weeks ago. Red tissue paper + letterpress tags complete the look. It’s endless fun deciding how to put it all together.

Equally fun is receiving packages that have been creatively packaged. Like this one from a client:


I almost didn’t want to open it! But open I did to find a stunning set of letterpress cards. Am I lucky or what?


Off to wrap … back soon!


One Response to “Wrap happy”

  1. Mari Says:

    Pam, your blog is endlessly pleasurable for sheer visual delight! As an introverted-intuitive type myself, I doubt that I’ll ever attempt any of these daunting projects, but it makes me happy to know that someone out there is executing them with relish, and so beautifully. I simply get to enjoy the results!

    If you haven’t already, you must visit Japan, where package wrapping is an art. Presentation is everything, is it not?!

    May you and yours enjoy this Season of Light…

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