Later that same day

K is still on winter vacation but couldn’t go to the Y to play because the electricity was out. We drove over, got drenched, drove back. Warm clothes + cocoa + movie for K. Warm clothes + coffee + work for me.

Took a break for lunch … the mini chicken tacos were met with delight, the soup with suspicion:

K: Is this a ladybug in my soup?

Me: No, it’s a bit of roasted tomato.

K: How do you know?

Me: Because I forgot to put in the ladybugs when I made the soup. (Mom cracks up at her own cleverness; kid sighs in exasperation.)

And then without segue …

K: Your cell-a-phone is charged.

Me: Yup

K: Do you love your phone?

Me: Well, I really like it but I don’t know if I’d say I love it.

K: Well, you love it but not like romantic love, right?

Me: fit of laughter prevents response

Then …

K: Can I go work on my Kiss a Cutie water park now? (So named for the stickers that come on clementines)

Me: Sure

It’s a Plan B day. A good Plan B.



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