The creeks are rising and self-portraits of sorts

“Severe weather alerts” warns the weather website. Ya think?


Looking down from the back deck with pink umbrella overhead. In the three minutes it took to take this shot, I was drenched. Not really worried about the creek … there’s another 10 feet to go before the water crests and, besides, according to all the records, this particular creek has never flooded. Not like the two main creeks that run through town, which poured four feet of water through homes and businesses a couple years back.

It’s the high winds and old trees that had me outside. Thought it smart to check things out after a night of high winds. Not like I can tell if the dangerously swaying tree with roots in the creek that towers above my house is about to keel over. Not like I could do anything about it. Still, good to check.

Balancing the umbrella as the wind tried to knock me down (I’m so not exaggerating) with the camera in hand was a trick. One might wonder about the sanity of trying to take pictures in the storm. I thought it would make an interesting self-portrait of sorts. Part of a 2008 daily photo project I’ve undertaken.

In downloading recent pictures, I found another one. Sorta self-portrait that is.


I took this shot the other day (when there was sun), amused by the fact that despite checking once and twice, a few holiday decorations are always found after the boxes are packed away. And there’s a distorted,  little me in the reflection.

And there you have it. A post of two disparate topics cobbled together under a loose theme.


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