Making order

11:24 a.m. Saturday. The scene at PKC Worldwide Headquarters:


Ah yes. The annual, much dreaded chore: inputting all the business financial data for the past year. When you work for yourself, the tax man expects you to pay quarterly estimates on your income. Since there’s no employer to calculate and take out the taxes for you, you get to figure out how much you owe. Or, if you’re me, you organize it all in snappy Excel spreadsheets and send it to your ace accounting team (thanks mom and dad!).

The first three quarters of the year are no big deal. You look at the big picture … how much has come in, how much you paid in big expenses. You don’t worry about all the little things. But for the 4th quarter, it all changes because, God forbid, you pay too much or too little, and then have the consequences to deal with come April 15. So it’s time to look at every nitty gritty detail.

All fine. Except … since I looked at the big picture for the first three quarters, I had absolutely no motivation to organize the books until now. For 12 months, the bits and paper have collected in the drawer. Now it’s all out on my desk as you can see.

I know. You’re shocked. After all, am I not the girl who just loves to make order? Well, apparently I like to make order for everything except my financial paperwork. So now I get to do it all at once. Sigh.

Maybe 2008 will be different. Maybe I’ll carve aside an hour or two each month to update my lovely spreadsheets. Or maybe I’ll find myself doing another financial marathon. Back to it!


One Response to “Making order”

  1. The Writer Mama Says:

    I’m right there with PK. Not my favorite. Back to dreaming about an admin. asst. 🙂

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