Want a boost of color? Time to dress up the walls? Looking for inspiration? I’ve got the project for you!

All you need is old calendars, favorite postcards, pretty papers or cutting from a magazine + cheap frames (think Target and Ikea) + scissors:


Decide what images you want to use. Trim to fit. Put together. Then place in a pleasing arrangement.


And there you have it. Prep time: 20 minutes. Execution: 10 minutes (+ if you forget to measure twice and have the hole in the wrong place).

I plan to add on to mine from top and bottom as I collect more favorite images. Am also thinking it would be fun to alter them in some way. I’ll keep you posted.

Editor’s Note: The painting in the middle is an original from France. A treasure from my sister that really pops now that it’s surrounded by a series of uniform frames and complementary colors.

Editor’s Note 2: You’ll find that the frames, even after careful measuring, do not line up exactly right. Or look right when you’re up close but wonky from afar. This comes from using inexpensive frames that aren’t perfectly identical in size. I like it this way. But you could always take away the back easel (that gives you the option to stand the frame up) so it’s less bulky and inclined to move + affix a bit of tape to the bottom so it stays exactly where you want it.


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