Serendipity + Whole Foods

Mere moments ago, I stumbled upon a blog that had a list with a line that said, “Whole Foods Recipe Box” and I thought, does Whole Foods offer its recipes online? Speedy quick, I typed in and yes! Yes indeed. That fabulous company has a ton of online recipes with the option to create your very own recipe box.

I love that they have so many categories, including one for kids. And, based on a quick scan, the recipes look straightforward and fairly simple. Basic cooking skills seem to be the only requirement.

This is so exciting. Why? Well, I’ve found that making dinner is quick and enjoyable when I plan menus in advance. Plus we eat healthier. The trouble is, planning menus always feels like such a chore. I pour through my stacks of recipes (still waiting patiently to be organized in the binder I bought for that exact purpose several years ago) and books, looking for a good mix of interesting meals that won’t get the stink eye from K. It never really takes that long, it just feels like it does.

Now, with my snappy Whole Foods recipe box and newly organized utensil drawer, I’ll be planning meals and cooking up yummy, healthy foods with ease. Check it out. Check it out now. You will love it!



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