Ready, okay

It is, apparently, never to early to have school pride. K came home yesterday with a copy of her school song. Mind you, she’s in grammar school. I don’t remember having a school song until high school. Actually, I don’t even remember that, but surely we had one?

K’s school has a cheer too. We learned it last year and belt it out once a week during morning school assembly. It’s enjoyable to have a cheer … if I had my way, every client would want me to create a cheer for every project I do. (No, I wasn’t a cheerleader. Not even close.)

Back to what there is of a point to this post … K’s school song. Walking through her room this morning, on the way to tackle the laundry, I noticed the song had moved from the stack of papers on the corner to the wall above her desk where it was carefully taped up.


School pride. Song + cheer. Go Bears Go!


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