In a blink

Time jumped from January (the month that felt like it lasted two years) to February 5. And what happened in the middle? A lot of life. And the life is still happening in the form of a 7-year-old with the stomach flu.

It’s funny to me how easily the days blur together, and how easy it is for blogging to slip by the wayside. So I haven’t kept you up to speed on the latest room re-arrangement (the master bedroom had seen no major change for 4 1/2 years … and that’s just waaaaaayyyy to long in my world) or me playing corporate business gal and jet-setting down to LA for a strategy meeting or my other role as laundress (which is, of course, what you get to do when you have a sick child).

Now all that seems “so last week” so let’s talk current events. Like Super Tuesday, which is what it is here in California. I vote by absentee ballot for the convenience and because it makes me feel like I have more time to consider the options (not a reality, just my perception!). This time, I left the mailing until too late to be sure my vote would make tonight’s 8 p.m. deadline. So I filled out the ballot, bundled up Katie (who was not happy) and took the ballot to a local polling place where it is waiting patiently to be counted. I have to say … I have not been so determined to vote since the first time I could. I’ve never been so happy to make a choice. Whatever the outcome, change is a’coming. For this girl (and, I believe, the country and the global community), that can only be a good thing after the last eight years. Here’s to hope.


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