This time last week

I’ve done the “this time last week” or “by this time next week” in my head for as long as I can remember. The latter is used for something dreaded, providing a stress reliever by way of reminder that soon the dreaded thing will be over. The former is most often associated with vacation and the wistful longing to be back again. Wednesday truly kicked my butt and “this time last week” was a constant loop in my over-capacity brain.

Now it’s Friday and everything seems possible again. Probably because it’s sunny and balmy, unlike this time last week when we were knee deep in snow.

And it’s not just a Friday — it’s a bonus day! A leaping kind of day. A day for thought-provoking questions like this: would you rather a) be 10 pounds lighter or b) get an amazing haircut?

Food for thought.


One Response to “This time last week”

  1. Martha Says:

    My choice would be 10 lbs — however would it be OK if I upped that to maybe 12 or so? (ha ha)

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