More fun than a barrel of monkeys

Hard to imagine anything more fun than a barrel of monkeys but, hold on to your hat, we found it …


The chalkboard wall! It’s the perfect place for practicing spelling words for the weekly 1st grade test …


And for doodling.


And for menus, lists, reminders, tic-tac-toe … well, the possibilities are endless and ever so much fun. Can’t wait to get some colored chalk … ooh la la!

The best part is the impromptu creations and collaborations that this little wall inspires. Amazing what a small can of paint, a paintbrush and a short amount of time can produce.  Chalkboard walls for everyone — that’s my new motto!


2 Responses to “More fun than a barrel of monkeys”

  1. Martha Says:

    Very clever — I have never heard of such a thing (chalkboard paint)!

  2. The Writer Mama Says:

    It’s awesome. Please pitch it as a tip for publication!

    Always nagging.

    🙂 C

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