Lost decorations and a craft disaster

It all started with the missing box of Easter decorations. It should have been in the basement but a quick search a few weeks ago revealed nothing. I don’t like to spend much time down there, never knowing what I might stumble over, but the other day I bravely channeled my inner Nancy Drew and took a closer look. I didn’t find the box in question but I did find a big box that I had put aside for the junk guys to take during the last clean out. Ah ha! They must have taken the wrong box. Oh, those poor chickies!

And so began the plan to replace the decorations with handmade items. First up, the felt bunny. Look how sweet they are in the pattern book:


I thought I’d make a half dozen or so, whipping them up with felt I have on hand. Ha! The steps and hand sewing are quite simple, and yet, my bunny looks like he has a tumor on his head. And is it just me, or is his face more chicken than bunny? Look at the nose … much more of a beak.


Yeah, this guy is going to be an only bunny. Although, I do have a few ideas for tweaking the pattern to avoid the trouble spots. Hmmm …


2 Responses to “Lost decorations and a craft disaster”

  1. Martha Says:

    I think your bunny doesn’t look half bad!!

  2. Monica Says:

    Realizing this post is nearly 5 yrs. old! LOL Would you be able to share the bunny pattern or which pattern book it is from? They are so adorable~ Thank you!

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