Shelves and Sushi with Sean

Until the self-cleaning desk is invented, I’ve found a cheap and easy solution to kid desk clutter:

All the bits and pieces that used to cover the desk are now contained on simple shelves made of wood and brackets picked up at the local hardware store. Screws plus those reinforcer thingys create sturdy construction. A drill and electric screwdriver make it a quick project … well, as long as you measure straight and all. That’s not my forte, so the supply list for these shelves also included the ex-husband who had it all together speedy quick.

I imagine it would work well for adult desk clutter as well. I would try it myself if I had any open wall space in my office. Ha!

You’re probably wondering what all this has to do with sushi and Sean. Really nothing. I was just pleased that a celebrity sighting last night provided me with alliteration for today’s title. As it happened, we were enjoying dinner at a local sushi restaurant when a man at the sushi bar caught my eye. He looked like an ordinary guy at first glance but then I realized I was just a few feet away from Sean Penn. Sushi with Sean. On a Monday. At the early kid/senior dining hour. Go figure.

I thought I was the only one who noticed given the lack of hubbub in the room. Turns out that my fellow diners were playing it just as cool as I was. Only after he left, accompanied by a tall, thin woman who looked more like a handler than girlfriend, did I realize everyone was acutely aware of the star studded atmosphere. In fact, there was quite the stir when the waitress realized he hadn’t paid the bill. Neither had Miss Handler apparently. A hue and cry ensued with waitresses running out the door, chasing after the forgetful diners and the other clientele speculating that perhaps the latest movie hadn’t done well. Sean and Miss Handler had disappeared so the wait staff came back empty-handed. Snippets of conversation bounced around the room leaving us uncertain as to whether they had forgotten to pay the whole bill or just leave a tip. My guess is that he thought she was taking care of it, and she thought he was. I bet they’ll make it up next time. And maybe we’ll be there for another sushi with Sean evening.


2 Responses to “Shelves and Sushi with Sean”

  1. Martha Says:

    neither of them paid?! that’s nuts!!

  2. mimi Says:

    What color paint is that?

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