Last Saturday, just minutes after returning from San Luis Obispo, the phone rang. It was my friend Lauri who wondered if I’d be home Sunday mid-day; she had something to drop off on the way to a pre-race practice hike. I said sure and that was that. In my post-trip haze it hadn’t occurred to me to ask what she was dropping off or why. Or why she and her husband were coming over to Marin to hike when they have no shortage of hiking trails in Berkeley.

The reason, I found out around noon the next day, was this:

An incredibly generous, immediately treasured gift for helping out with their wedding. In its first life, this piece was a radio cabinet, constructed in the 1940s. We spied it in a little shop on College Avenue in Berkeley the Sunday before K and I headed off for our Spring Break trip. I loved it at first sight, quickly imagining my fabric collection neatly housed and easily accessible. But, against all spontaneous purchasing habits, I decided to think about it before buying (Dad, can you believe it?). So Lauri bought it for me. I couldn’t quite believe it when they brought it in. Stunned is the word. Pretty sure I was blushing too. And protesting. I mean, I adored every minute of making paper tissue flowers and favors, throwing a little pre-wedding party. I live for that kind of thing so a gift was beyond generous. Lauri, did you forget you already got me Bobby Big Teeth, the big rubber rat?

It is really the perfect addition to the upstairs family + craft room. The fabrics have all been folded and sorted …

I love having a separate section for scraps and projects in progress …

And many opportunities to create different vignettes on the top.

I’m a lucky, lucky girl to have such an amazing friend.


3 Responses to “Spoiled”

  1. Martha Says:

    How nice of her! 🙂

  2. Lauri Says:

    But wait! Where’s the sewing machine? I’m inspired by all the pretty colors of fabric. I really must learn how to sew! Throw pillows for Christmas!! (Poor family members, again!)

  3. haveuread Says:

    dang thats a good friend

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