Learn something new …

Guess what new skill I’ve added to my repertoire? Door re-screening …

Look at that beauty. So taut you could play quarters on it. Until Sunday, I thought screening doors was the purview of professional handyman who wear droopy pants. Thanks to the incomparable Cori, who also knows how to fix sprinklers, I can now re-screen doors with the experts. We have decided that this is a job done best in pairs because 4 hands seems to be the key to a very tight screen, and it saves oodles of time. We re-screened 3 doors in under 2 hours. Oh yeah!

Other than that, just a few inexpensive supplies from the hardware store and you’re in business for a fraction of what the professionals charge. Speaking of business, we might just have to start a sideline screen operation!


One Response to “Learn something new …”

  1. The Writer Mama Says:

    Well, my, my. You are SO handy around the house.

    🙂 C

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