Christina reminded me that it was time for a new post. And she is quite right. Funny thing, I sat in front of the computer yesterday toying with the idea that follows. Then I decided I was too tired and maybe it wasn’t much of an idea anyway. Now, probably because it’s before 7 a.m. and it’s all I’ve got, I’m bringing you two views of a Sunday …


About 9 a.m. though it seems so much earlier because it is so cold. Near the base of the Golden Gate Bridge, the fog swirls, the wind whips around our ears as we head out on the 10K walk to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis research.


7 p.m. On the other side of the Bay, at the edge of a dock in Sausalito after dinner at FISH where the sun lured us outside but we ate wrapped in blankets against the chill.


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