Tell me a story

I’ll make you a book. So you can tell me a story.

Over the weekend, I had the itch to create. And since I’m still just the teeniest bit scared of my new-to-me sewing machine, I opted for some quality time with paper + cutter + bone folder + needle and thread.

This is a great project to use up any decorative papers you may have collected. Of course, plain paper works just as well. I used scrapbooking paper for the covers and plain copy paper for the inside. Simply cut to size and then make 3 tiny holes. I used another scrapbooking tool: eyelet setter. But a nail + hammer would work just as well … just tap lightly!

Then you stitch it all together. Start with the middle hole, going down. Then up through one end, over and down through the other. Come up again in the middle. Tie a knot and you’ve got a hand-sewn book. Yes, yes, staples work too but they’re not half as cute!

Word of caution: this project can quickly get out of hand. Especially, ahem, if you happen to have a lot of paper on hand. I set out to make a few for Miss K and her friends to use. Before I knew it, I had nearly 30. In this house of storytellers, they’ll no doubt go fast!


2 Responses to “Tell me a story”

  1. Lauri Says:

    Oh, I love them! Now you’re ready for the Japanese binding, same concept with the string binding but with a slightly more intricate pattern. They’re in the book-making book that has the thick paperboard cover and they’re a cinch, don’t let the illustrations intimidate. Now about that sewing machine . . . .

  2. beth manning Says:

    Hooray! It’s Pam Kim’s blog! Connecting on LinkedIn is okay, but this is way, way Pammier! I will be lurking here for sure. : )

    I’m guessing that’s Katie in the blog pics — gorgeous girl!! I think she was a BABY the last time we were in touch. Glad to hear you’re still in Marin — I work in San Rafael now so maybe one of these days…

    Still one of your biggest fans,

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