A baseball story

A funny story for hump day from my friend Cori who is the librarian at the local elementary school with a few literary liberties in the presentation of said story taken by yours truly …

The setting: school library at story time. 20 1st graders are eagerly gathered around Cori to hear the story she is about to read.

The opening: (Cori) Upon giving an introduction to a book on a female pitcher who struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, we were going over the rules of baseball so everybody would have a basic understanding of what I was about to read. I asked things like:  How many balls before a batter is walked?  How many strikes before they’re out?  And then I asked, “And what happens when a batter is hit by a pitch?”

Long, long silence.

The ensuing conversation:

Boy 1: (says very seriously)  “He gets really, really hurt … and he could cry.”

Cori: “Ohhhhh-kayyyyy. Does anyone know what ELSE happens when a batter is hit by a pitch?”

Boy 2: “Sometimes he has to go back inside and get a band aid.”

Girl 1: “And the pitcher could get into trouble and not be allowed to play.”

Cori: “Yes, that all that could happen, but usually the batter gets to walk to first base.”

Silence again.

Boy 2: “But why would he do that if he’s hurt and crying and needs a band aid?”


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