Guest welcome

When having house guests, a few little touches make for a gracious welcome. A crisply made-up bed. Fresh flowers on the bedside table. Perhaps a small jug of water, and a magazine or two. Or, if you come to our house, a potato with inked on face sitting atop hand-sewn bean bags, surrounded by dozes of stuffed animals.

Yeah, nothing says, “we’re glad you’re here” like a potato. You might want to make a note so you can welcome your next guests properly.


5 Responses to “Guest welcome”

  1. susie Says:

    You have such a cute blog. I just happen to stumble across it today when I should have been doing a little cleaning around the house. (I’ll find any excuse not to clean.) I too, LOVE to wrap presents!!! Please share your pattern for the paper cones for Christmas. I tried making some for a birthday not too long ago and I could not get the cones in the proper shape. I kept trimming away to find the perfect pattern but never found it so gave up. It couldn’t be that hard I kept thinking. Anyway, love your blog!!!
    Have agreat day!

  2. Sage Says:

    And when the spud is your guest’s favorite food ever, you cement her eternal gratitude…Because, let’s face it, you already had her eternal gratitude! You are most certainly the hostess with the mostess!!

  3. Alexwebmaster Says:

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  4. claribell Says:

    this is sure to make your guests laugh!!! you’re right, i’ll make a note…
    lovely blog my the way!

  5. Judy Baum Says:

    I have always been a fan of folding paper particularly making paper airplanes. I started with a software called The Greatest Paper Airplanes published by Kitty Hawk. Unfortunately the software is no longer distributed today. It teaches how to fold 50 different paper airplanes. It’s a good place to start learning origami.

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