Tintinnabulation Thursday

I come from a family of collectors: phrase collectors. We pepper our speech with turns of phrase that often stump others, as in:

:: If it were a dog, it would have bit you. Meaning: you can’t find something that’s right in front of you.

:: More [insert noun] than Heinz has pickles. Meaning: a lot of something. Why Heinz? Big pickle producer back in the day when this phrase first entered the family lexicon (that would my grandparents age)

:: Happy as if I had good sense. Meaning: really no idea. My mom says this a lot and we like it.

:: Bob’s your uncle. Meaning: it’s all wrapped up. You do X, Y and Bob’s your uncle. (Note: my family swears I made this up but it’s a very popular phrase in British movies and has quite the long history.)

And then there are the little bits and pieces I pick up from friends and books, such as:

:: speedy quick (thanks to Junie B. Jones)

:: snappy (my friend Margo)

:: my princess self (yay for Anne Lamott)

So you can imagine my delight with a recent gift from the Boss girls:

“L is for LollyGag: quirky words for a clever tongue” is right up my alley. Many of the words are old friends but I’m finding new ones to use. I find quirky works well in my line of work. A fun freelancer gets more work than a dull one! So today’s word is: tintinnabulation (tin-tih-nab-yoo-LAY-shun), which is the jingling sound that bells make. I’m off to practice that one so I’m ready for my next conference call!


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