Blue, green and yellow

It may have been a red, white and blue weekend everywhere else but around these parts it was all blue and green with a little yellow and brown thrown in. Baby shower creating was in high gear as favors were made, decorations created and other little surprises prepared.

Things were going so well that I decided why not handcraft invites for another shower later in July? My actual responsibility for this office/work shower was to send an Evite to all the folks. I was told Evite was a step above the usual invitation process for such events and, while I think Evite is great, it just didn’t feel exactly right. The options didn’t match the ideas in my head.

While at Paper Source doing a bit of hunting and gathering for shower #1, I got a vee-shon for shower #2 invites and decided I just had to make them. Just had to. And so I did.

I didn’t quite realize there were 53 people on the invitation list! Luckily, I had enough paper. But barely enough table and counter space! Each invite was hand-stamped and then a bit of glue painted on the stroller handle and wheels for a sparkle of blue glitter.

The little glassine envelopes (love, love glassine!)  hold information about the baby registries and option to contribute to a group gift. I like having that info separate so it doesn’t detract from the invitation itself. Plus the recipients get a little package to open.

All bundled up and ready for FedEx. By the time I was done, I was having doubts about the design, the execution. It was no doubt the result of staring at 50+ of the same thing for a couple days straight. Now that they’re out of my hands, I love them again. And would definitely make my own invitations again!


One Response to “Blue, green and yellow”

  1. Martha Says:

    Pam — I love the invitations. You are such a wonderfully creative lady. 🙂 –Martha

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