Meet Lulu

This is Lulu. She’s the new-to-me sewing machine that I got in February to replace Mabel. Mabel was my mom’s machine. She stitched many an outfit in her day, and continued on to patiently help me create quilts, pillows, tote bags and more. She was having a hard time though. And even after servicing, she couldn’t hold her tension. Poor dear. We ended up ripping out nearly as many seams as went in.

So I found a second-hand Bernina from the sister-in-law of a friend. For months, nothing happened. I didn’t even turn it on. I was intimidated by the machine that looked more computer than sewing tool. That in itself is rather ironic since I spend the majority of my days working on a computer.

The new machine sat and sat despite the many project ideas in my head. It sat until yesterday when it was really to hot to sew but I just had to make one last thing for the baby shower and sewing was required. After 10 minutes of comparing the manual to the machine, I held my breath and started. And wowee wow! The thing sews like butter. The tension is exactly right. My little project was done in less than half an hour without any seam ripping. It worked so well that she had to have a name. Lulu. She feels like a Lulu … all zippy and with a few surprises under her hat.

I can hardly wait to start the next project. First though, we are off on a little adventure to parts North where will go exploring and do some hostessing. Until next week …


One Response to “Meet Lulu”

  1. Mari Says:

    Knowing you, it will be a fabulous event! Enjoy, and best wishes to our dear friend, the guest of honor!

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