Miss K was a “spitty” baby until she was about 11 months old. Until then, we were in the habit of walking around with a burb cloth at the ready, most often on a shoulder. We’d tuck one under her head at night, keep them in the diaper bag. You get the picture.

Before long, the burb cloth became part of K’s comfort routine. Give her a burb cloth and her middle and ring finger to suck and she was happy (still is when she’s tired or upset). We never called the cloth anything but a cloth until we met Kirsi who cared for K a few days a week while I worked. And then the cloth became binky. Now I know a lot of people call pacifiers by that name but we thought binky made a lot of sense for the cloth too because it really did pacify. So for years, we’ve had binky, binks, stinky binky, baseball binky … binkies galore!

I decided to share the comfort of these little items with friends who are expecting. Taking an idea I saw once in an overpriced baby boutique, I cut panels of cute fabric and sewed them onto cloth diapers. Custom binkies!

As always when I make something new, there’s always a “test” run. This test was made especially for the girl who inspired the binkies in the first place … a special version with double pocket in the fabrics specially requested!


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