Mr. Bird

From binkies to birdies in just a week. Meet Mr. Bird. I found the pattern via blog-hopping earlier this week. From Design*Sponge I found Spool — the online store and blog of an actual shop in Pennsylvania. What a great find! Love the Park Slope fabric line they carry and all the ideas/tips on the blog. Especially the bird pattern, which is a free download. Love that even more!

So I whipped up Mr. Bird last night. He’s actually a hand-sewing project but I used Lulu (the sewing machine) for extra strong seams. Then he got turned and stuffed to an inch of his life. Next time, I’ll leave the tail unstuffed (more bird-like) and try sewing by hand to see if I can get the beak more beaky. Because of course Mr. Bird needs friends. He says he likes being the center of attention but I know he’ll get lonely. And when he has enough friends, they can all swing together on a mobile like the one they show at Spool.

What a perfect way to use fabric scraps. Not to mention the satisfaction of a craft started and finished in no time. Binkies, birds … hmmm, wonder what’s next?


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