Waning days of summer: 7

As we rounded the corner on the end of the last week of summer, we had a mystery to solve: where were all the lunch boxes? We’d been to Target on Wednesday, finding only the dregs of what was probably a huge selection in July. Now, the choices tended toward the babyish (Thomas the Tank Engine) or the super girly (Hannah Montana). “Don’t worry,” I said confidently. “I bet Staples will have a whole bunch like last year.” Yeah, no. The selection was limited and the quality dreadful. The zippers looked like they’d last a week; the vinyl-plastic material just ready to rip.

We headed to Longs and then Safeway. My thought being that maybe the drugstores and big grocery stores would be the lunch box hot spot. No and no.

“OK,” I said. “We’ll try Office Depot and then Toys R Us.”

“What if they don’t have any good ones?” asked K

“Then you can use mine,” I generously offered. K was not amused. Here’s why:

Luck was finally with us by the 6th stop. Toys R Us had a few, just a few, sporty lunch bags made sans skippy zipper and vinyl-plastic ick, and that met with K approval. She picked the baseball to match her backpack.

We’re set. Whew.

Note to self: remember that the time to buy lunch boxes is July 1 when it’s sweltering hot and the last thing you want to do is shop.


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