Every minute counts

We’re well in to the first week of the 2008/09 school year and adjusting to new routines necessitated by a new campus and longer drive, new classroom and a new work schedule to fit. In this season of change, every minute available to billable work is precious. I’m keenly aware of making every bit of time count. And yet, surprisingly, the restrictions have brought more time to breath. To be fully present in the different moments of the day: the working gal time, the mommy time. To meet deadlines and take bike rides. To divide myself in fewer fragments so that balance seems more within reach than it ever has.

It’s an opportunity to reinvent what’s possible. The dark, early hours of the morning have become a time of productive writing. The late afternoons full of home and school activities. It’s only day 4 and there will, no doubt, be kinks to work out, road bumps to navigate. But for now it’s good. Very good.


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