Supplies r us

The procurement and organization of supplies ranks pretty high on the fun list around these parts. So when K came home from her first day of 2nd grade with a short list of supplies she needed, I was only too happy to go with her to find what she needed … even in high 90-degree heat and along with all the other people shopping for school supplies!

As we looked for a hand-held pencil sharpener among the depleted shelves, I spied something new. A mix and match paper/binder clip display. Grab a container, big or small, and fill it with whatever combination you like. I quickly lost interest in pencil sharpeners!

Here’s the container half full. Yup, I squeezed double that amount in my container. Of course I picked the big one because, even at $9.95, I know I got at least 2x the value in clips. It’s all about the clever packing!

In the white board aisle, looking for the small size specified on the school list, I found something else new. Dry erase “tiles,” 2 in a pack. Most intriguing. Lightweight and easily carried, they too found their way into the cart.

They are really the neatest thing. I have one in the office and one in the kitchen for dashing off the odd note. It’s very convenient and rather green (OK, well maybe. We don’t know these items were produced only that they eliminate the need to write on pieces of paper for every little random thought or grocery list reminder).

Oh, and even with the excitement of discovering new supplies, K got everything she needed too!


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