Zip it

Sewing projects with zippers, along with recipes that require candy thermometers, have long been consigned to the “that’s great but no thanks” pile. I know I was taught once; there was a zipper in the snappy turquoise blue track suit I made under mom’s tutelage. Though for how fuzzy that memory is, I wouldn’t be surprised if I gave up on the zipper, deferring to my mother’s expert hands.

Ever since Lulu (who came with her own zipper foot), though, I’ve been itching to master the zipper. First attempt:

Not bad. The lining worked well. The side seams were a little bulky but manageable. A few notes and tinkering later, I had the first attempt at sandwiching the zipper in between the outside and lining:

Yeah, not so much. First, pretty sure the zipper needs to go in backwards for the sandwiched edges to be on the inside. And the corners are bulked up as though performance-enhanced. My head about turned around trying to figure out how to do it differently. Still working on that one but, just to make myself feel better, I made an unlined version.

Lots to love about these. They take a half-hour max and then you have a cutie pouch to use. This one fits my phone, keys, drivers license, cash and lip balm, which makes it perfect for bike rides and walks.

Now that I’ve used up all of my $1 practice zippers, it’s time to replenish the supply and fine-tune my technique. Because, unlike making my own candy, making zippered things is going to stay on the “let’s do” list for a long time.


2 Responses to “Zip it”

  1. The Writer Mama Says:

    Nice work!

    Come on over to the Writer Mama Back-to-School Giveaway and celebrate your zipper mastery!

    🙂 C

  2. Lauri Says:

    So are you going to bag on the lining? I was thinking about that when longingly looking at my extra zippers the other day.

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