This and that

So I’m getting the hang of the new Fall schedule, and have seemingly figured out how to juggle the working, mommying, volunteering and crafting. What I haven’t yet figured out yet is how to add blogging in to the mix. Obviously.

And now for lack of anything more exciting springing from my princess head, let me show you my apron …

As I sometimes do, I slipped in a bit of cooking between conference calls. There was an unfortunate run-in with a peanut butter-based sauce thanks to a flying wisk. Because it was hot, I only noticed where it landed on my arm (ow). 10 minutes later, having a very important discussion with a very important client I was distracted by a very strong peanut butter smell. I looked down at the apron I was (and still am) wearing and saw what you see. A peanut butter disaster all down the front.

I’m just happy I was wearing the apron. Of course, being me, I wanted to immediately share this discovery with the client. But I didn’t think he’d find it amusing at all. So I didn’t. Which, really, is quite lucky because it gave me something to tell you!

P.S. I do enjoy writing in fragments. I’ll have to mend my ways when it comes to helping Miss K with essays in high school.


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