Fabric + thread

The cooler weather has created quite the sewing frenzy. Ideas are tumbling out of my head faster than I can do something about them. The pull to create won over the desire to pull out Halloween decorations … at least for a couple days.

The transformation of a bit of fabric and thread into something useful or comforting or beautiful never ceases to amaze me.

Testing out a baby blanket idea. Miss K called dibs on this one!

I am so lucky to come from a long line of women who made things. To have learned by being in their kitchens and near the sewing tables. To watch yarn turn into cozy items and beads into flowers that never lost their bloom. Every time I pick up a needle or cook a special meal, it seems that my mom and grandmas are right there with me. I love that they taught me so much. And that I can still get tips from my mom on everything from invisible zippers to cheesecake.

New cuddle-on-the-coach quilt for Fall in progress.

I am lucky to have creative friends. Ones who write books. Those happy to talk about and plan Christmas decorations in August. And ones who are always up for trying a new technique. And to those I don’t know personally but who keep me full of inspiration through their blogs.

Useful. Comforting. Beautiful. The tradition of handmade.


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