My friend Tina …

… wrote this book!

OK, technically, she co-wrote it. But around our house, because we adore Tina, we say Tina wrote it. She also did all the original art. She’s that snappy!

Our copy arrived on Monday and Miss K hasn’t put it down yet. She’ll need help reading it but, meantime, loves to work out sentences on her own. So of course it has to go to school in the backpack. I agreed but only if she wrote her name in it … it looks so cool that I’m sure it could easily walk away. Someone didn’t want to write her name in it because she didn’t want to “wreck it.” We compromised with a post-it note.

When K isn’t looking, I get a chance to read about Big B and the evil forces that are destroying the natural wonders of Nui Island. This clever tale captures the reader with its intrigue and imaginative illustrations while reminding us that the world is fragile and we all have a part in preserving it … without being all preachy and hyper about it. Curse of the Bone Pirates would make an excellent addition to grade and middle school libraries. Even better, it’s a great holiday gift for kids who love adventure stories. The reading level is ages 9-12 but I’d say it’s a great read aloud book for younger kids too.

Just think of all the holiday shopping you can accomplish with a few mouse clicks.

Congratulations Tina!!


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