California Academy of Sciences

Four years ago, when Miss K was not quite 4, we went to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for another visit to one of our favorite places: the California Academy of Sciences. We were eager to see the fish in the aquarium, the stars in the planetarium and the dioramas of the natural history rooms. Alas, we were met with a sign that said the building was closed for renovation and would be re-opening in the fall of 2008. We talked about how it would be closed until K was almost 8 — it was as hard to picture K as an eight-year-old as it was to imagine waiting for four years to visit the crocodiles again.

And yet here we are. We rushed to become members as soon as we got the mailing (that was one effective direct mail, I tell ya). So although the Academy officially reopens on Saturday, we got a member sneak peek this week.

It was worth the wait. The architecture is stunning. The predominant white and steel is punctuated with splashes of orange. The living roof is incredible. The four-story rainforest and other exhibits were still in progress but look spectacular. I do miss the old crocodile swamp (the one that was there back when I was 4) even though the new swamp is pretty spiffy. We can’t wait to go back. That’s one membership card that will definitely pay for itself.


One Response to “California Academy of Sciences”

  1. Lauri Says:

    That’s so awesome that you got to got early!! I’m dying to see it but figure that it’s not even worth considering for months until the crowds die down or I call in sick. I might actually be coming down with something now . . . .

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