Proofing :: Writing the Life Poetic

This week, in the early predawn hours, I’ve had the privilege and honor of proofreading an amazing book: Writing the Life Poetic. Sage Cohen, my dearest friend and creative co-conquistadora for more than a decade, wrote it. I would like it just because she wrote it. But I love it.

As I sit with a blank card slowing my eye so that I have to read line-by-line (the only way to proof without “auto correcting”), I am drawn in by Sage’s clear voice, struck by how approachable every idea is and how eager I am to try the exercises. This book is meant to be a creative companion and it does give the reader a sense of comfort and gentle guidance. At the same time, I’m entranced by the rich tapestry Sage weaves through her masterful use of language. This book is as much art as instruction; more story than how-to. As a result, it’s hard not to devour the pages, and I find it necessary to remind myself to slow down so I can proof properly. I tell you, though, I’ll be re-reading Writing the Life Poetic just as soon as I’m done.

Writing the Life Poetic comes out in early 2009. But you can pre-order it now. And you should. Because everyone — no matter who you are, what you do or how creative you think you are/aren’t — can use a little poetry.


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