Kid crafts and Halloween

So this will come as a surprise (NOT) but I seem to have volunteered to handle the activity portion of Friday’s Halloween party in K’s class. The teacher requested three stations for the kids to rotate through, spending about 10 minutes at each.

What to do? Go straight to my favorite idea source: Family Fun. I picked the crafts that were the most simple (thinking about the attention span of 20 2nd graders hopped up on sugar) and yet interesting (knowing babyish crafts would be met with boos from this savvy crowd).

We did the prep over the weekend and are now creating a sample of each craft.

These will be boa bats …

And these pumpkin pencils …

For the third station, I decided to go for a quiet activity that wouldn’t need a lot of adult oversight or instruction. So my brilliant Dad created a Halloween word search. It was quite the family affair with Sister, K and me providing the words, Dad creating the puzzle and Mom solving it to test it out. After adding a few creepy stamps and copying on orange paper, we’re ready to go.


One Response to “Kid crafts and Halloween”

  1. Lauri Says:

    Wow, are they lucky to have you!

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