Done and done

The handmade to do list is two items shorter today thanks to quite the crafty weekend. First, new cafe curtain for Fall to cover the kitchen window, so that we don’t have to look right into the neighbor’s window while eating dinner (a side effect of darker evenings)!


I opted for one panel, slightly gathered and with vintage trim at the bottom. Working without a pattern, this one came together super fast. And I like it!

Next came pj pants for Miss K. What should have taken less than 2 hours took 6 and involved ripping out 3 seams, and then altering the pieces because I just couldn’t bear to rip out a 4th seam. These had a pattern and, I like to think, a pivotal step missing. Really though I think it was a logic misstep on my part.  See, I am so not a pattern person.

Happily, I have it figured out now and can make endless pj pants without ripping out anymore seams. And I realize I’m pretty good at “adjusting” fit. Miss K declared them the second best pjs ever. The pjs that took first place haven’t been invented yet … she told her aunt that these are the ones that come with candy in the pocket and serve popcorn when you press a button. Better get on that!


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