December 2

Now that’s an original title if I ever saw one. You’ll have to excuse me; I’m suffering from post-field trip with 2nd graders brain. It’s a clinical condition best treated with silence and a glass of wine.

Since treatment hasn’t begun yet, the best I could do was match the title to the photo …


Last year’s advent “calendar” is back again, adorning the mantel quite festively. I’ve decided I like the second year of a big project the best. The first year you’re recovering from the effort and by the third year it feels so same old, same old. But with the second year there is no big to do. Just fun collecting of little treats and then stepping back to admire one’s handiwork. Yes. Year 2, I like you best.

Postscript: Awhile back I had a nice reader ask me how I made these cones. I must admit … I don’t actually remember. Pretty sure I used a compass (you know, those math tools with pointy part and pencil?) and then just folded and glued until it looked right. Tho … I also recall taking plates from the cupboard to test the shape. But was that before or after the compass? Really gotta write these things done.


One Response to “December 2”

  1. Donna Says:

    Don’t give up on, oh say, the next ten years or so. We have small advent stockings that get hung in a different way each year and since there are now three children, sometimes just one of the treats will fit and the others must be retreaved. The treats now also include an occasional scroll with a trip to the movies or brunch at a favorite spot. I like this because sometimes during the “Season” the small fun outings just never seem to happen on their own. They all still LOVE it, even at 14. So don’t fear year 3, instead, anticipate basking in the joy of tradition.

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