Lunch outside the brown bag

Who says a brown bag lunch has to be boring? Exhibit A:


This basket of goodies went to K’s teacher today as part of a year-round birthday present. One day each month, a different family brings the teacher a special lunch. I love this idea — not mine (can you believe it?) but I was quick to sign up for December, so I could put a holiday spin on our lunch.

I picked out a basket from among the many that seem to multiply around here, and tucked in a festive white and red dishtowl (one from a set of three purchased for quite the deal at Ikea … I like to keep several on hand for just this kind of thing). Inside went homemade oatmeal toffee cookies (man, are these good), clementines, chinese chicken salad (that I picked up from the fabulous place in town), roll and bottle of sparkling water. The bottle of water boasts a decorative label and a snowflake sticker.

The label is totally over the top but they are so fun and easy to do. Just cut a piece of decorative paper a teeny bit bigger than the label that comes on the bottle and tape. Then affix with double-sided tape. Or if you’re like me this morning and find to your disbelief that you are acutally out of double-sided tape, then use the barest minimum of regular tape and disguise with cute snowflake sticker.

Tuck in all the goodies with the excess dishtowel, add bow and deliver. Now that’s the way to brown bag lunch!



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