Lightened up

I wondered when it would happen. If it ever would. Would I ever spend less than 6 hours hanging lights on the tree, meticulously weaving the strands to hide the wires? Would I ever remember the scale of the rooms in this house when picking out the tree, thereby avoiding one that’s too big and bushy?



I am happy to report that the just-right tree we found with clustered branches became the perfect foil for the “let’s be less anal” light experiment. Even with lots of lights — about 600 — and tucking wires in here and there, I spent just a couple hours this year. I gave up on perfection and ended up with wonderful … and more time to have fun unwrapping and hanging ornaments.

Sure beats the time we picked a 12-foot tree and I put on 1,300 lights over 2 full days when K was a toddler and I was also working. Seriously.


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