Presto change-o

You know how you can pass something a million zillion times and then, all of a sudden, on the million zillionth one time you pause? A flash of an idea jumps into your princess head, and nothing will do but to drop everything to test it out.

Behold the small cabinet in the small downstairs bathroom (guess who framed the ugly doll postcard and put it there?):


Every bit of storage is needed in that small space but I’m not a fan of see-through unless it’s a cute arrangement. Storage, obviously, does not always equal cute. So there I was, passing through as usual when the light bulb moment occurred. What if I took pretty paper and covered the inside of the glass?


Seconds later, I was upstairs pulling papers to see which one I liked best for the space. Tip: for easy and accurate cutting, you can’t beat a healing cutting mat + rotary cutter + giant, clear ruler. It takes a bit of practice to get the hang of cutting this way but once you try it, you’ll never go back to yardstick + pencil + scissors. I cut fabric this way too but with a rotary cutter reserved just for fabric. Can’t have the dull paper one pulling at the fabric now can I?

About 15 minutes later, after a bit of tucking in between the glass and wood frame then smoothing out, I had a brand-new look and clever disguise for any unmentionables!



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