Celebrating 8


It seems like forever. It seems like just yesterday.

Eight years ago, you were just a few days old. I was struggling to figure it all out. A dose of postpartem depression made everything seem impossible. As you grew, I grew into mommyhood. You’ve taught me so much.

At 8, you are no longer little but still small enough to curl into my lap every morning when you wake up. You are athletic and strong, love to draw and make things. Math and science are your favorite subjects, and you could play on the swings all day long. You love describing yourself as a tomboy and you love your long hair. We’re on book 5 of Harry Potter; you relish every page that we read aloud. Reciting Harry trivia is a favorite thing to do during car rides.

You are an excellent negotiator — always thinking up inventive ways to convince people (mostly mom) to do something or other. You have strong opinions and quite the perfectionist streak. You can put together complicated Lego structures without help and are mastering your Ripstick moves. You love to collect little things and display them all over your room. Your closet typically looks like a cyclone blew through it. Green is currently your favorite color and 1 your favorite number, though 7 is your lucky number.

You love old books, going out to dinner, playing Uno, visiting the shops and stuffed animals. And I love everything little thing about you.


One Response to “Celebrating 8”

  1. Cindy Says:

    What a beautiful tribute to your daughter. She sounds like a wonderful little girl. And you strike me as an equally wonderful mom!

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