Why it’s good to have a ruler …

… as in the measuring kind not the Napoleon kind. When you leave your ruler in the drawer instead of checking measurements you can very easily end up with things that are much bigger than you thought. Say, for example, furniture that won’t fit through the front door (hasn’t actually happened to me yet but I’ve been darn close … like with the huge armoire it took 4 muscle men to take up the cottage staircase that hadn’t seemed so narrow before I placed the order) or decorative items that you thought were going to be tiny and cute but are really quite overwhelming.


Yes, those are 8 giant Hello Kitty glass ornaments of which I am the proud owner. It all started innocently enough. I was taking advantage of those crazy online post-holiday, practically giving the stuff away sales with the purchase of some very chic and reasonable curtain panels. But instead of going straight to checkout like I should have, I was distracted by the sparkle of Hello Kitty. And I [heart] Hello Kitty. I can’t help it. I’ve been susceptible to her charms since the teeny address book key chain I dangled from my purse strap in 7th grade.

So anyway, I spy these ornaments. And I think, how cute would they be on one of our silver tinsel trees come next December? Or on a package? Especially for $1.89 each … down from 12.95 (that should have been a size clue). And I realize I didn’t buy any new ornaments in 2008 so getting 8 makes all kinds of sense. You see how good I am at this rationalization business (my dad is shaking his head)?

Quick like a bunny, I added the 8 to the cart and through checkout I went. That was last week. This week, the nice UPS man delivered a very large box. I thought, really, was all that packaging really necessary for two curtain panels and 8 tiny ornaments? Ahem. All became clear when said box was opened and the giant Hello Kittys appeared. They certainly won’t fit as a package topper unless the gift is a new car or a washing machine. And they’d certainly overwhelm delicate tinsel trees. No doubt I’ll find a use for them (a Hello Kitty garland perhaps), and I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Meantime, take it from me: keep your ruler handy.


2 Responses to “Why it’s good to have a ruler …”

  1. Michelle Moore Says:

    Perhaps we now know why they were on sale??

  2. Kristy Says:

    My sister wants to know if she can buy one off of you!

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